About Us

Welcome to the Zolani Organics Blog!  Here you will find the latest tips & tricks of ecobeauty as well as Free Samples and Coupons.  Read more about who we are and what we do:

Zolani OrganicsWe are dedicated to bringing you quality products with fine ingredients found in remote areas of the world!

Zolani Organics not only provides quality products, but also helps to sustain income to families in need around the globe.  All of our ingredients are from regions that are highly in need of economic relief.  We have close relationships with our suppliers, and only acquire fair-traded ingredients.  We incredibly work hard to promote economic stability and personal growth.  With each Zolani Organics purchase, part of the proceeds goes toward providing aid to villages in Africa.  Our current development is: “Project Help: Books and School Supplies for Mali”.

The Creator:

I am a socially conscious person who strives for the betterment of people’s lives around the world.  Searching for ways to help, I combined my life’s passions, which are natural health and skin care, with helping others in distressed countries.  I feel with a touch of love into everything that is done, there will be amazing outcomes.  I pour my heart into each product and social project I participate in.   I strive to educate and uplift people; thus quality information is provided on the country of origin and how the product is harvested with your purchase.  Education is essential to growth.

Friendly Service:

Zolani Organics is dedicated to you!  We provide around-the-clock friendly service and will answer any questions you may have in less than thirty-minutes.  We will assess your needs and will take care of them with ease, offering you genuine advice.  After your purchase with us, we will reach out to you to see if everything is going well. Please expect a friendly call or email from us!  Please feel free to tell us how you are feeling so that we can suit your needs and be there for you.

Our products are time-tested, freshly made, and solely contain high quality ingredients sealed with love and appreciation.  We are constantly innovating new products monthly.  You are the driving force, and we always create everything with you in mind.

If you have any questions, comments, please feel free to contact us at any time:



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