March Madness!

We hate keeping secrets, so we’re giving one lucky winner the chance to try our Pure Shea Butter and the new Kenyan Coffee Scrub!
Everyone deserves a little bit of paradise, so why not treat yourself? Start with our Kenyan Coffee Scrub, a nourishing and exfoliating treatment, the embodies nature’s astonishing power. Featuring an all-star line-up of vitamin packed, free-radical eliminating ingredients, this formula is an all-access pass to unveiling your skin’s true radiance. The caffeine from the Kenyan Coffee helps reduce the appearance of cellulite and inflammation, while the Jojoba and Olive Oils help regulate the sebum produced naturally by the skin to reduce the appearance of acne reverse signs of aging. The Coconut and Almond oil both contain Vitamin E and work to deliver deep moisture to the skin, while the Honey keeps the skin hydrated and absorbs any impurities.
Follow-up with our 100% unrefined Pure Shea Butter, known for its restorative properties. Containing vitamins A, E, and F, this gentle butter will even your skin tone, keeping skin clear and healthy., our penetrates deep into skin to promote skin elasticity and collagen while reversing damage caused by free radicals. This amazing butter will not clog pores or hair follicles. Our Pure Shea Butter is essential for locking in moisture while giving a soft supple glow to your skin.
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The contest winner will be chosen March 31, 2012 at 11:59pm EST and will be notified April 1, 2012.
We know this may be tempting to keep to yourself, but remember, nobody likes secrets. So, tell your friends and family, and share in the joy of Zolani Organics!


Meaningful Monday: Wangari Maathai

Dr. Wangari Maathai, an environmentalist from Kenya who deeply cared for others through environmental and social activism.  In 1977, she founded the Green Belt Movement which planted more than 10 million trees over the course of time to combat soil erosion and provide firewood for cooking.  Previous to the Green Belt Movement, only 9 out of 100 trees were replanted in Kenya causing wide-spread deforestation, inadequate soil drainage, and water pollution.  The women of Kenya were the driving force behind the movement as they gained employment for planting new trees in the deforested regions of Kenya due to logging.  With the wages earned, Kenyan women were able to find income generating investments and provide for their families.

The Green Belt Movement expanded internationally and helped many countries around the world.  This week we are celebrating Dr. Wangari Maathai for her undying passion to help people and the environment. Because of her efforts, many generations will benefit from her dream of planting “just one tree”.

For more information on Dr. Wangari Maathai and the Green Belt Movement, please visit: The Greenbelt Movement



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Meaningful Monday: Women Helping Women

We have a new blog section titled “Meaningful Mondays”. The reason is that we at times tend to forget what is most important to us as human beings, which is community, cooperation and compassion. In this article, I address the current economic state of women as a whole in the global arena.

Currently, there are 1.3 billion people living in extreme poverty on less than $1 per day. Of the 1.3 billion people, 70 percent are women. Approximately 910 million women cannot afford basic necessities such as water, food and shelter for themselves and their children. (World Revolution) Fortunately, there is a way to gradually reduce poverty through Fair Trade.

For those who are not familiar with Fair Trade, it is the promotion of economic sustainably to communities in developing countries through proper working conditions, fair exchange of commodities and environmental preservation. With Fair Trade, people are able to connect and help women in desperate need.

In developed countries, women hold more purchasing power than realized and are the gateway to fighting poverty in developing nations. Primarily in the United States, women control 80 percent of the total spending. They buy groceries, household items, health care and are the key people in making large purchases for their families. Collectively, women have more purchasing power than most foreign markets. (She-conomy) Why not use this power to help deserving women in distressed countries attain these same privileges?

Women hold the power.

Author’s Note:

It has been my life’s passion to help women in impoverished countries rise above their current circumstances through their own talents and abilities. Providing jobs gives women a chance to earn a solid income and raise self-esteem. The trickle down effect begins as the families of the women are improved economically and are able to receive adequate health care, education and other life necessities. I hope to offer that gateway that connects women globally. Women helping women.

Below is a video on women in India:

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10 Astonishing Ways to Use Shea Butter

Scar Remover
Shea butter is a wonderful scar remover and can speed the healing time of a burn.

TIP: Place a small amount of Shea butter onto the affected area. Do this twice a day or as many times as needed. After a few weeks, your dark marks and scars will be dramatically lessened if not faded away already. Your skin will feel rejuvenated.

Volume Booster
For people with fine hair, Shea butter can add volume to your tresses in the matter of seconds!

TIP: Apply a small amount of Shea butter to the roots of your hair and comb into desired style. We guarantee you will be impressed!

Pamper Your Feet
Shea butter can make your feet feel like they have been walking on clouds. Your feet will receive a pedi-spa treatment while you move throughout your day.

TIP: Massage Shea butter onto dry feet before exercise, or a brisk walk. Your body movement aids in the absorption of the Shea butter leaving your feet silky smooth by the time you get home.

Manicure To-Go
We are all in a rush now-a-days and do not have the time to get our needed manicures. Shea butter can give your nails an illustrious shine just like a top-coat!

TIP: Massage a small amount of Shea butter to each nail bed and cuticle. Repeat for desired shine.

Tame Frizzy Tresses and Define Curls
Shea butter can do wonders for the hair and scalp, especially for frizz and curl definition. Bring out your hair’s natural beauty!

TIP: Work Shea butter into the palm of your hands until it reaches a fluid consistency. Apply throughout your hair until the desired curl definition is reached. Your frizz will be gone in a Poof!

Dry Lips Be Gone!
We all dislike the feeling of chapped lips, especially in the winter months. There is a cure for this! Shea butter seals in our skin’s moisture allowing us to ditch the hourly application of chapstick.

TIP: Just apply a small amount of Shea butter to the lips. Watch the dry skin disappear!

Bye-Bye Stretch Marks!
Shea butter is great at preventing and removing stretch marks all over the body. Say good-bye once and for all!

TIP: Generously message Shea butter into your skin where stretch marks are present or likely to appear. Repeat twice daily. After a period of time, stretch marks will fade and gradually disappear.

Treat Yourself to a Full Body Massage
Shea butter can be used as an all-natural alternative to basic massage oil. Give yourself a spa-quality massage without breaking the bank!

TIP: Add a few drops of essential oil to Shea butter and deeply massage into muscles. Relax the day’s stress away and feel your muscles melt.

Lines and Wrinkles, No Way!
Combat the signs of aging with Shea butter’s restorative properties. Containing vitamins A, B, E and F, Shea butter will boost collagen and promote cell renewal. Allow nature to work for you!

TIP: Massage Shea butter into face and neck in an upward motion. Repeat once or twice daily. In a matter of weeks you will start to see your skin’s youthful glow shine through!

A Great Way to Support Women and Children in Africa
With the use of Shea butter, you are enriching the lives of women and children in Africa by economically sustaining women and their families in West Africa.  Women are gaining a voice and becoming their own bosses!

10% of the proceeds from Zolani Organics purchases are used toward supplying books and school supplies for schools in West Africa. Please see our latest efforts here.



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Project Help: Books and Supplies for Mali

Hello Friends and welcome to the Zolani Organics Blog! Our international relief initiative is really taking off!  We are in the progress of raising money to send books and school supplies to the village of Bougoudale located in Mali West Africa.  So far we have raised $103.00 dollars out of our $2,000.00 dollar goal.

Many children in Mali are unable to attend school because families cannot afford the cost of uniforms, books, school supplies and other costs associated with attending public school.  The average monthly family income in Mali is approximately $500.00 dollars per month.  According to the Library of Congress – Federal Research Division, only 36 percent of children complete primary school while the remaining 63 percent are forced to withdraw. The rate of attendance is even lower for female children.

With our efforts, we are working to grant more children the opportunity to attend school and receive a well-deserved education.  We would like to sincerely thank you for your support in purchasing our products as you are making a difference in a child’s life.


n.a.. “Country Profile: Mal.” Library of Congress – Federal Research Division 1.1 (2005): 1-20. Library of Congress. Web. 25 Jan. 2012.



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